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HOW can I cre­ate eye­lashes for a stylised char­ac­ter In Zbrush?

Tim Reynolds, Coven­try

- Maya Jermy replies

Stylised char­ac­ters are won­der­fully creative, and many artists have at least one in their port­fo­lio. The word stylised rep­re­sents a non-nat­u­ral­is­tic con­ven­tional form – in other words, some­thing that would not take place in the real world as we know it. It could, how­ever, be an in­ter­pre­ta­tion of a real thing. The most ob­vi­ous dif­fer­ence be­tween cre­at­ing stylised and real­is­tic forms is that by opt­ing for re­al­ism, we are lim­ited to mak­ing things look real. We have to fol­low rules and be care­ful about do­ing so, be­cause some ex­ag­ger­a­tion could burst the bub­ble and break the il­lu­sion of re­al­ism.

Stylised art, on the other hand, is of­ten based on ex­ag­ger­a­tion and play­ful­ness. It can rep­re­sent real fea­tures but in an en­hanced way. Artists have a much wider pal­ette of pos­si­bil­i­ties and an­gles to per­form art. It could be shapes, colours and tex­tures with less or more de­tails. Styli­sa­tion is mostly as­so­ci­ated with a

car­toony look. It is a joy to work with, be­cause you can let your imag­i­na­tion go wild. All art styles have some­thing unique about them as they ex­press artists’ vi­sions. We are not chained to the same forms and ex­pres­sions, and not ev­ery piece of art has to fol­low strict guide­lines.

Stylised char­ac­ters do not re­quire a spe­cific step-by-step tu­to­rial, but let me show you a very easy way of cre­at­ing eye­lashes for a stylised char­ac­ter.

Eye­lashes are such a mi­nor fea­ture when comes to de­tail­ing char­ac­ters, but they can bring out so much depth in the eyes and frame the face in a sub­tle way. They are a pow­er­ful fea­ture not to be un­der­es­ti­mated. Most makeup artists would agree that any eye makeup looks best com­pleted with mas­cara. It is im­por­tant not to for­get or omit that fea­ture in art, be­cause our char­ac­ters could be los­ing that ex­tra oomph in the fi­nal look. Let’s see what we can do to com­ple­ment Anna with a set of full lashes.

 ??  ??
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 ??  ?? Play around with styles to see which one com­ple­ments your char­ac­ter
Play around with styles to see which one com­ple­ments your char­ac­ter

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