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01 Cuboid

The first tech­nique is for cre­at­ing in­di­vid­ual eye­lashes. Ap­pend a sphere, nav­i­gate to Tool>ini­tial­ize, and choose the amount of poly­gons you want set along the X, Y and Z axis. In this case we go with X 2; Y 6; Z 2. Press Qcube to turn the sphere into a cuboid.

02 re­fine SHAPE

To give it the cor­rect shape, go to Tool>de­for­ma­tion and ad­just the Ta­per slider to ta­per one end. Now, to achieve a nice curve we need to smooth bend (Sbend) the eye­lash just a bit. Di­vide the tool once or twice and use the Smooth brush to thin out the end.

03 Group And re­po­si­tion

It’s eas­ier to merge our eye­lashes into groups of two, three or four to save some time on ar­rang­ing in­di­vid­ual lashes. Eye­lashes have dif­fer­ent lengths, and the closer to the in­ner cor­ner of the eye, the shorter. Poly­paint them, merge into one subtool, then duplicate and mir­ror to the other eye.

04 A SIM­PLE tech­nique

The sec­ond tech­nique is much quicker and sim­pler. All we need to do is mask a line on the in­ner edges of the eye­lids (make sure the mask does not touch the outer eye­lid), and ex­trude. Sim­ply re­shape it with the Move tool, Zremesh and smooth it out, and fi­nally add a lit­tle paint.

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