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This im­age took free­lance artist Praveen V. S just a day to com­plete. No stranger to de­liv­er­ing huge projects at speed, he once cre­ated an 8K ren­dered BMW in­te­rior in less than 24 hours.

For this par­tic­u­lar project Praveen em­ployed a num­ber of his own no­table tech­niques. “I used the round edges op­tion to add a bit of round­ness to the sharper edges. These help to catch the high­lights, adding to the re­al­ism,” he ex­plains. “To add ex­tra de­tails I ex­port to Zbrush, remesh, add the de­tail, un­wrap, then im­port back to 3ds Max.”

Praveen sees 3D art as a means to ex­plore his pas­sion for au­to­mo­tive de­sign. “In real life I don’t have cars or even a home yet. That said, I have done CGI vi­su­als for Mercedes, BMW, Jeep and a few other au­to­mo­tive brands.”

ARTIST Praveen V. S Soft­ware 3ds Max, Fs­torm, Pho­to­shop

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