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Ani-con­cept­ing for Venom

DNEG con­cept artist paolo Gian­doso Ex­plains visu­al­is­ing the fi­nal sym­biote mass-merg­ing of venom AND riot


The shot:

This is the ‘ani-con­cept’ I pre­pared for the fi­nal fight. It is a shot that ap­pears at the very end of the trailer too. My goal was to give the im­pres­sion that Ed­die, Drake, Venom and Riot are all fight­ing each other at the same time in a whirl­wind of sym­biote mass.

The ac­tion:

Here the aliens are par­tially de­tached from their hosts and di­rectly con­fronting each other. I wanted the sym­biotes to be able to cre­ate the im­pres­sion of hu­man and an­i­mal ap­pendages, but at the same time to make clear that there is no hu­man in­side them to hold the shape to­gether (with­out the host sym­biotes can only mimic shapes for brief mo­ments).

The con­cepts:

The ‘struc­tures’ they cre­ate are made of ‘strings’ of sym­biote mass that would morph con­stantly from form to form, com­press and ex­pand. In the mid­dle of this shift­ing tan­gle of ten­drils Ed­die and Drake would be also try­ing to kill each other, sim­i­larly to be­ing in a box­ing ring criss­crossed by hun­dreds of elas­tic bands. This was so much fun to de­sign!

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