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04 height dif­fer­ences


Both maps dis­play height dif­fer­ently be­cause of the un­der­ly­ing sci­ence be­hind each. How­ever, this can also be true of the soft­ware be­ing used. Dis­place­ment maps es­pe­cially should be dou­ble-checked in the fi­nal ren­der soft­ware when brought in from an ex­ter­nal paint­ing pro­gramme or other ren­der soft­ware; there can be dif­fer­ences be­tween how they are dis­played, es­pe­cially with dif­fer­ent lev­els of ge­om­e­try. Never as­sume any­thing un­til it has been tested for the spe­cific scene or model re­quired. •

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