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- Greg Radcliffe, Bristol Maya Jermy replies

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We are lucky to be living in a time when technologi­cal innovation­s enable us to create and control stunningly realistic-looking graphics. We are at the point where it is becoming impossible to tell if some images are a real photograph or just a clever use of 3D and ever-progressin­g render applicatio­ns. Advancing visual simulation­s enhance the user as well as audience experience, whether it is a film, game or any kind of digital art. As an audience we do not get easily fooled, because even if we cannot quite explain what is wrong with the image we are looking at, we know that something is not quite right. This may soon become a thing of the past as companies are racing to develop the best applicatio­ns allowing hyper-realistic graphics.

Keyshot 8 introduces a lot of exciting features and solutions to help simulate even more believable renders. One of those new features is a brand-new material type called Scattering Medium.

Scattering Medium is responsibl­e for particle scattering and enables artists to create realistic-looking effects like fog, smoke or even rays of light. There are several materials in that group which imitate things like sponge or clouds.

There is much to choose from and there are options available for adjusting the materials to our needs. So, if for example we want to create a beautiful theatrical stage with light beams shining down and cutting through some smoke or low-lying fog, we will use the Scattering Medium to fake such effect. Without the scattering light particles, we will not be able to see the actual beam of light, only the lit-up area the light particles bounce off.

Here I demonstrat­e how to work with the Scattering Medium in Keyshot 8. This basic method will help kickstart some dramatic changes in any scene.

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 ??  ?? Get ready to transform your 3D environmen­t with a few simple steps
Get ready to transform your 3D environmen­t with a few simple steps

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