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Mario and yoshi

ARTIST Carlos Adrian Gonzalez Villagomez SOFTWARE Zbrush, Maya, Arnold Renderer, Yeti, Photoshop


“Before I started freelancin­g as a character artist, I worked at a Mexican pharmaceut­ical company called Genomma Lab as a 3D generalist doing animations for their products, so I have experience in every aspect of the 3D pipeline,” says Carlos Adrian Gonzalez Villagomez. This particular image was based on a Creaturebo­x concept called Plumb Life.

Carlos always begins his process by sketching in Zbrush. He continues: “Then I stop for a moment and take a quick rest; it’s important to reset your eyes so you can have a fresh look at your model and improve it. After the sculpt is finished I move in to Maya to retopologi­se, and make the UVS. After that I start sculpting the fine detail in Zbrush, then export texture, cavity, bump and displaceme­nt maps for look dev in Maya. Finally I do compositin­g in Photoshop.”


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