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Dneg’s creature team can face Many challenges. for Deadpool 2, one of the Weirdest WAS Making WADE Wilson’s baby legs

Concept: DNEG’S art department helped contribute concepts for how Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson would appear with baby legs, which are growing back after they have been ripped off by Juggernaut.

Live action: Reynolds was filmed wearing a tracking suit. “Ryan Reynolds was very involved throughout the production,” says DNEG creature supervisor Adam Vanner, “and gave us regular feedback on ideas. He even sent us videos of him delivering lines from his phone when we asked for more reference material.”

Cg legs: “The approach was animation driven, and we put lots of corrective blendshape­s within the rig to add tendons and muscle groups to allow animation to see essentiall­y the final result,” explains Vanner. “We did a final pass for self contact using ncloth and some small refinement­s. We also simulated his hoodie and shirt so that it fitted his small profile.”

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