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01Create Model the FLAME

a sim­ple sphere with around 32 seg­ments. Ap­ply an Edit Poly mod­i­fier. Switch on Soft Se­lec­tion and grab the top few ver­texes. Drag them up ver­ti­cally un­til you have an el­lip­ti­cal, flame-shaped form. With the ver­texes still se­lected add a noise mod­i­fier and ad­just the x and y strengths a lit­tle to de­form the flame. Make the noise frac­tal.


Switch on Set Key, amongst the an­i­ma­tion pa­ram­e­ters at the bot­tom of the screen, and then press the key but­ton at frame 0. Slide the time bar along a few frames, ad­just the x and y strength pa­ram­e­ters in the noise mod­i­fier and press the key but­ton again. Con­tinue do­ing this five or six times along the time bar.

Open the Curve Editor, se­lect the mod­i­fied noise pa­ram­e­ters in the flame ob­jects list, click on Curve Out-of-range Types, se­lect Loop and OK.

03 Add A Ma­te­rial tex­ture

Add a Cylin­dri­cal UVW map to the flame ob­ject. Cre­ate a new V-ray ma­te­rial in the editor and switch on Com­pen­sate Cam­era Ex­po­sure in the Self-il­lu­mi­na­tion pa­ram­e­ters. Add a gra­di­ent ramp to the Self-il­lu­mi­na­tion slot.

Colour the gra­di­ent from an or­ange red, through yel­low to white and make the gra­di­ent type and in­ter­po­la­tion both ‘lin­ear’. Switch up the Self-il­lu­mi­na­tion level to around 1,000. Ap­ply the ma­te­rial to the flame.

Next you need to cre­ate a sim­ple black and white opac­ity map in Pho­to­shop (such as in the im­age) and then add it to the opac­ity slot.

04 bloom EF­FECTS

In the V-ray Frame Buf­fer click on the Lens Ef­fects but­ton at the bot­tom of the di­a­log box and switch on both Bloom Ef­fect and Glare Ef­fect.

Ren­der the im­age and then you can in­ter­ac­tively ad­just the size and weight of both un­til you are sat­is­fied.

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