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From concept to on set


Breaking down stephan Fleet’s ‘concept previs’ for a crucial shot in season 2 of timeless

1. Concept: The scene from episode 206 sees the ‘Time’ team exit their time machine Lifeboat in the countrysid­e. I started with this rough guide (see image).

2. Previs: In Cinema 4D, I built a model of what needed to be constructe­d on set for the shooting of the scene.

3. Bluescreen: The concept previs also helped work out where to position bluescreen­s and what parts of the blue, faux-lifeboat were needed on location.

4. CG model: The Lifeboat would ultimately be all-cg. This kind of planning helped work out how we were going to shoot what was a very long shot: 54 seconds.

5. on set: Here’s what was built for filming on location, enabling the actors to step out of the centre hole.

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