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Weird and Wonderful mocap


audiomotio­n don’t just provide for the entertainm­ent industry. Brian mitchell talks us through some of their more left-field projects

“We helped the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) with some research,” recalls Mitchell, when asked if Audiomotio­n have had any less-convention­al clients. “It was researchin­g the procedure for extracting someone from a crashed car. We put our cameras inside a car then had somebody suited up in the driver’s seat while a fire crew then went through the whole procedure. That data was then used to analyse the effects that procedure has on the body.”

Since much of their technology has its origin in the medical field, Audiomotio­n have contribute­d to various Oxford University studies – including a head trauma study that involved repeatedly throwing a crash test dummy down some stairs. It’s clear that nothing is too unusual for Mitchell and his team: “We’ve mocapped a cat before, a dog, some horses. Introducin­g children into the mix always brings its own challenges too.”

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