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01 Mar­velous ex­port Meshes FROM de­signer

Start by ex­port­ing out your meshes from Mar­velous De­signer. Select the 3D gar­ment in File>ex­port>obj(se­lected) and en­sure Sin­gle Ob­ject, Un­weld and Thin are se­lected. With the 3D gar­ment still se­lected right-click and choose Re­set 2D Ar­range­ment. This will flat­ten out your gar­ment into the UV pat­tern we will use later. Use the same set­tings in your ex­port and name your files ac­cord­ingly.

02 IM­PORT to Maya and re­topol­o­gise

Im­port both meshes into Maya and or­gan­ise ev­ery­thing by adding them to lay­ers. Select the 2D lay­out and go to Mod­ify>make Live. This will al­low us to re­build each panel with clean ge­om­e­try us­ing Mesh Tools>quad Draw Tool. At this stage make sure the edge loops of each part match up – this will make merg­ing ver­tices later on much eas­ier and re­sult in a much cleaner mesh over­all.

03 trans­fer uv co-or­di­nates

Now we need to match up the UV space of the new ge­om­e­try to our orig­i­nal mesh. This al­lows us to trans­fer the new ge­om­e­try to the shape of the jeans, giv­ing us clean ge­om­e­try and UVS. Select the orig­i­nal mesh and shift-select the new clean ge­om­e­try. Go to Mesh>trans­fer At­tributes>op­tions. Turn off Colour Sets and put UV Sets to Cur­rent. Hit Ap­ply. Re­peat for all the pan­els.

04 trans­fer clean geo

Our last step is to trans­fer our clean ge­om­e­try to our 3D gar­ment. Select the orig­i­nal mesh and shift-select the new ge­om­e­try. Go back to Trans­fer At­tributes and set Ver­tex Po­si­tion to On, UV Sets to Cur­rent and switch the Sam­ple space to UV. Hit Ap­ply and the clean geo will con­form to the shape of our Mar­velous mesh. Re­peat this for the whole gar­ment and you now have pro­duc­tion-friendly ge­om­e­try and clean UVS.

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