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Three dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions had to be com­bined to pro­duce the Desert Garrison At­tack. The wider gal­lop­ing Shadow War­riors shots and the moun­tains be­hind the Desert Garrison were in­spired by the Rangipo Desert in New Zealand, the sand dunes and foothills came from the Kum­tag Desert in China, and a par­tial garrison set was con­structed at Kumeu Film Stu­dios. “Across the board skies had to be re­placed,” states Im­age En­gine VFX su­per­vi­sor Chris­tian Ir­les. “We also had to even out the colour of the ground and roto the rid­ers. Be­cause the se­quence is quite dy­namic we could eas­ily use at dif­fer­ent mo­ments cer­tain shots to hide where we were tran­si­tion­ing from one plate to an­other.”

Böri Khan (Ja­son Scott Lee) and the Shadow War­riors leap from their horses and run up the wall of the garrison. “That was the hard­est shot,” ad­mits Ir­les. “The ac­tors were stand­ing on wheeled plat­forms and then jump, be­ing held in the air by the wires, and land on the wall. The prac­ti­cal wall was at a 30 or 45-de­gree an­gle. We match moved the plates, tracked the plat­forms be­cause we had to re­place them with our CG horses, and tracked the char­ac­ters as a face re­place­ment was needed for the stunt dou­ble of Böri Khan. We made sure that the horses and cam­era were trav­el­ling at the speed in which the horses had been run­ning for the pre­vi­ous shots. At the mo­ment that the ac­tors jump, we slowly ro­tated the world so by the time they reach the prac­ti­cal wall, the ground is at 90 de­grees and they go on.”

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