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- Rob Red­man, Edi­tor rob.red­man@fu­turenet.com Arts · Cyberpunk 2077 · Bifrost · Blender

While it may have its roots in the 80s retro mu­sic scene, syn­th­wave, along with its sub­gen­res, has be­come as much an art move­ment as any­thing else, and has in­formed cre­ative de­ci­sions for every­thing from al­bum art to pro­duc­tion de­sign of games like Cy­ber­punk 2077. A few min­utes spent look­ing at the right tags on In­sta­gram will show you the huge amount of art be­ing cre­ated, with the aes­thet­ics cov­er­ing the dark cy­ber­punk look, through to the chill­wave vibe of neon-soaked palm trees, Delore­ans and Florida sun­sets.

Much of this art is made in 3D and the wire­frame and low-poly look makes it an ac­ces­si­ble style to get into.

This is­sue we ex­plore the world of the syn­th­wave aes­thetic, look­ing at some of the bleed­ing edge projects, then turn­ing our at­ten­tion to help­ing you level up your own skills, with our train­ing sec­tion.

We show you how to mas­ter your fluid sim­u­la­tions with Bifrost, and cre­ate an in­te­rior scene in Blender.

Ren­der­ing power is some­thing we all chase, so to help you de­cide on where to spend your cash we have an EGPU group test this month, putting the best op­tions head to head.

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