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Claudiu Tanasie


Zbrush, Mar­velous De­signer, xnor­mal, To­pogun, Sub­stance Painter, Maya, Arnold, Pho­to­shop

This ex­plorer took free­lance 3D char­ac­ter artist Claudiu Tanasie around three months to cre­ate. “While the ac­tual char­ac­ter was com­pelling be­cause of its com­plex­ity, I would say the fi­nal ren­ders were the most en­joy­able,” he ex­plains. “Find­ing a good com­po­si­tion, light­ing setup and get­ting the ma­te­ri­als to read prop­erly are things I am not usu­ally in­volved with, so it was fresh and ex­cit­ing.” This work was pro­duced for the Frost­punk trailer, a game from 11 bit stu­dios.

The high-poly mod­el­ling stage was a mix­ture of poly­gon mod­el­ling in Maya, sculpt­ing in Zbrush, and cloth sim­u­la­tion in Mar­velous De­signer. “The hard-sur­face ob­jects were done in Maya,” he ex­plains. “The clothes were ini­tially sim­u­lated in Mar­velous De­signer and later tweaked and de­tailed in Zbrush, while the head was en­tirely done in Zbrush start­ing from a base mesh provided by Platige Image.”

The big­gest chal­lenge for Tanasie is to achieve a co­he­sive and aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing re­sult. “The tools al­low us to add an in­cred­i­ble amount of de­tail, so the trick is how we use them ef­fi­ciently,” he says. “The same fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples taught for cen­turies ap­ply in our dig­i­tal age, but it's a life-long strug­gle to mas­ter them.”


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