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Alex Trevino SOFT­WARE

Blender, Pho­to­shop, Affin­ity De­signer

Alex Trevino fo­cuses on modelling and tex­tur­ing as­sets for short films, but also teaches 3D tex­tur­ing classes. He spent a month and a half work­ing on this unique char­ac­ter. “The com­bi­na­tion of anime with pho­to­re­al­ism is some­thing un­usual,” he adds, “and it mo­ti­vated me a lot to fin­ish the project and see the fi­nal re­sult.”

Poly modelling was Trevino’s cho­sen method for the project, along with tech­niques he used to con­trol the edges when sub­di­vid­ing. All the UVS were ori­ented in the same di­rec­tion to tex­ture the model ef­fi­ciently. “Although I only used pro­ce­dural tex­tures in Sub­stance Pain­ter, I made sev­eral al­pha im­ages to use as a base for spe­cific ar­eas like the mon­i­tor,” Trevino adds.

The char­ac­ter’s hair was among the most chal­leng­ing el­e­ments, and Trevino did sev­eral ver­sions that he didn’t like be­fore mak­ing a ver­sion with mesh modelling and us­ing it as a ref­er­ence. He then used Blender’s Prin­ci­pled Hair BSDF to cre­ate a more nat­u­ral ma­te­rial.

Trevino typ­i­cally uses his ini­tial con­cept as a back­ground in Blender where he blocks out the ini­tial shapes. When he loses fo­cus, Trevino ren­ders an im­age and draws over what is miss­ing in Pho­to­shop. “I use this to de­cide what my next moves are,” he ex­plains. “I do this sev­eral times un­til I fin­ish the im­age.”


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