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Cre­at­ing the pine trees


With the moun­tains in place, add a For­est Pack ob­ject and se­lect the moun­tains. Since these trees are quite far away we can use the pine trees that ship with For­est Pack. Un­der the Ge­om­e­try tab ad­just the size of the trees to fit the scene. In the Ar­eas tab, add a new paint layer and set it to ex­clude. Paint out ar­eas where we don’t want trees. Scroll down in the Ar­eas tab to ‘Falloff’, turn on the Den­sity and set the ex­clude to 5m. Turn on the Scale and set the ex­clude to 15m. This will cre­ate a falloff as the trees reach the edges of the moun­tains. Open the Dis­tri­bu­tion tab and ad­just the den­sity value; this scene has a value of 120m. In the Trans­forms tab, turn on the Trans­form, Ro­ta­tion and Scale op­tions; the de­fault val­ues work quite well here.

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