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Ksenya Tim­chenkoy


Zbrush, Mar­moset Tool­bag

This dy­namic char­ac­ter is based on an il­lus­tra­tion of the same name by Daria Leonova and was re­alised in 3D by self-taught artist Ksenya Tim­chenkoy. “I started work­ing on it as soon as I saw Daria's con­cept for the first time as I felt very in­spired,” Tim­chenkoy tells 3D World. It took her just 15 hours to cre­ate the char­ac­ter.

“I didn't use any spe­cial tech­niques, just sculpt­ing,” Tim­chenkoy con­tin­ues. “I start all my work with a sphere, al­though I al­ready have a fairly large col­lec­tion of base meshes. This helps me to learn some­thing new ev­ery time and achieve the de­sired forms faster and faster.” When it comes to work­ing on large or medium shapes, Tim­chenkoy is of­ten dis­tracted by the de­sire to add un­nec­es­sary de­tails and needs to re­mind her­self to stay fo­cused on the task at hand.

The most en­joy­able part of the process proved to be work­ing on the char­ac­ter’s strik­ing hair. “I wanted to make them as dy­namic as pos­si­ble,” Tim­chenkoy adds. “I al­most never use post-pro­cess­ing and over­paint­ing in Adobe Pho­to­shop be­cause I try to achieve the de­sired ef­fect right in Mar­moset Tool­bag.”

Tim­chenkoy is most in­spired by the work of 2D artists. “I spend hours re­view­ing and analysing their work,” she ex­plains, “try­ing to un­der­stand what hooked me to them and ap­ply it to my work. My favourite artist is Astri Lohne.”

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