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Maya, Arnold, Pho­to­shop

Con­cept artist and dig­i­tal matte pain­ter Saby Meny­hei cur­rently works as a matte paint­ing su­per­vi­sor in

DNEG’S Fea­ture An­i­ma­tion di­vi­sion, and he loves to cre­ate imag­i­nary land­scapes. “It feels like go­ing on a jour­ney, be­ing part of an ad­ven­ture,” he says. “I had a con­cept in mind when I started work­ing on this piece but there was a lot of room to im­pro­vise.”

The cre­ative process be­hind this elab­o­rate cathe­dral be­gan, as it al­ways does for Meny­hei, with a sketch. “I al­ways have a notebook with me to write down new ideas and scrib­bles,” he adds. As­sets are built us­ing Maya or Zbrush, with Sub­stance Pain­ter and Mari be­ing the tools of choice for tex­tur­ing. “To be more ef­fi­cient, I re­use my as­sets quite of­ten,” Meny­hei ad­mits. “I have an ev­er­grow­ing 2D and 3D li­brary that I can pull el­e­ments from.”

Ever since his child­hood, Meny­hei has been at­tracted to dis­tant, for­eign lands; places he thought he might never visit or didn’t ac­tu­ally even ex­ist. “I feel so lucky that mak­ing art is my pro­fes­sion,” he re­flects. “It’s per­haps the clos­est thing to child­hood for me. I’m like a kid play­ing with his favourite toy when work­ing on a new piece. Even if those places don’t ex­ist, I can be com­pletely im­mersed in them.”

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