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Shin Min Jeong


Blender, Mar­velous De­signer, Sub­stance Pain­ter, Pho­to­shop

It took 3D artist and char­ac­ter de­signer Shin Min Jeong four days to cre­ate this beau­ti­ful, sum­mery char­ac­ter. “I get a lot of in­spi­ra­tion from other artists' won­der­ful work,” she tells 3D World. “There are so many amaz­ing artists in the world and they give me a pas­sion to cre­ate.”

Jeong be­gins her char­ac­ter creation process by sculpt­ing in Blender be­fore re­topol­o­gis­ing. Af­ter the re­topol­ogy, she uses the Shrinkwrap mod­i­fier to make the sculpt vis­i­ble to the mesh. “I think this is one of the most im­por­tant parts of the process,” she adds. If nec­es­sary, Jeong will use Blender’s Mul­tires­o­lu­tion mod­i­fier to com­plete fur­ther sculpt­ing.

The char­ac­ter’s clothes were built and sim­u­lated in Mar­velous De­signer. “This can have a more re­al­is­tic ef­fect than sculpt­ing,” Jeong ex­plains, “of course, sculpt­ing af­ter re­topol­ogy al­lows you to cre­ate more de­tailed work.” The char­ac­ter’s hair, hat and the flow­ers upon it were all sculpted in Blender to achieve a higher-qual­ity fi­nal re­sult.

For Jeong, see­ing a char­ac­ter grad­u­ally im­prove as she works on it is the ul­ti­mate re­ward. “The more you pro­duce a char­ac­ter the more vi­tal it be­comes,” she adds, “and that is when you feel the most joy.”

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