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Vyper FDM 3D printer

Great-quality results and excellent value, this 3D printer should be on your shortlist


Anycubic has risen to the top of a seemingly vast number of companies making 3D printers, due to the consistent quality and value of its products.

FDM printers won’t be going anywhere for some time, as the benefits over resin-based machines are clear; they are quieter, easier to use and don’t produce unpleasant fumes. This means that companies like Anycubic are still pushing the boundaries with new machines coming to market all the time.

The Vyper is a low to midrange machine in terms of cost, but does ship with some features you’d pay more for from the competitio­n, and they are features you want too.

Unpacking the printer is a cinch, as it comes in two main sections that are half connected and all you need to do is bolt them together and link a few connectors. Mount the control screen and click the spool holder in place and

you are ready for action. Tools are provided, as are tools for maintenanc­e and daily use, neatly housed in a drawer in the body of the printer.

The first feature that will have users praising Anycubic is the inclusion of a heated, self-levelling print bed (often a paid upgrade), which makes it much easier to obtain consistent prints that adhere properly. This feature alone adds huge value, as the prints will fail less often.

So, how do the prints actually look? Excellent. For an FDM printer the results are very good. You’d need to spend considerab­ly more to get better results, as the 0.1mm print resolution is very fine and the self-levelling nature of the bed means everything stays in place, with few noticeable print layers that are overly visible. Of course this will never be quite as good as the very best, or match up to the resin printers out there, but for the cost and ease of use this is a great-value printer.

The build volume is middling, at 245mm(l) × 245mm(w) × 260mm(h), but Anycubic does make larger volume machines. The accuracy of the stepper motor-driven bed movements is excellent too, at just 0.0125 x 0.002mm, so shifts in layers are almost unnoticeab­le.

 ??  ?? The Vyper is easy to use, excellent value and produces great-quality results
The Vyper is easy to use, excellent value and produces great-quality results
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