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Marcus Whinney


Zbrush, Photoshop, Keyshot

Marcus Whinney is a senior character artist at Ndream Studio and has more than eight years of experience in 3D art. Exploring references and creating something that no other artist has made before was a highlight of Whinney’s process on this fan art of Batman’s fearsome foe Killer Croc.

When it comes to his personal concept work, Whinney tries to use as many default brushes as possible so that those who watch his videos and tutorials can follow along. “My main block-out brushes inside of Zbrush are the Move, Damstandar­d, Claybuildu­p and Smooth. Once I get the overall shape and silhouette the way I like it I then move onto using more specific brushes to get the finer details,” he adds.

For this model, Whinney wanted to explore using alphas on the Standard brush and created his own alphas inside of Zbrush to mimic crocodile scales. “I created 25 alphas inside of Zbrush, which I then used as a stamp to create the base scale designs and patterns on my model,” he continues. “These would then be defined later using the Rake and Clay brush to add more details and clean up the alpha texture overlaps.”

When texturing, Whinney tends to use the Standard brush with the Stroke set to Color Spray, then in the Alpha tab, he uses Zbrush’s default Alpha07. “This creates a spray gun style of painting like you would have for real miniatures.”

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