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Kevin Durán


Maya, Quixel Megascans, Arnold, Substance Painter, Nuke, After Effects

Lookdev, lighting and texture artist Kevin Durán created this adorable image during his first month at Cinelight Academy, where he’s currently learning new techniques and perfecting old ones. The project took four weeks, with layout, texturing, lookdev/lighting and compositin­g taking about a week each.

“I enjoyed being able to train my eye to better capture and represent my reference in a 3D scene,” Durán explains. “It was super entertaini­ng to create the textures of these characters using the LEGO format and putting the project together little by little, bringing them to life.” Few simulation­s were used to bring the image to life, Durán explains that he only simulated the cape using Marvelous Designer because he found that it was the best way to achieve an organic look for the characters.

The textures for the Mandaloria­n and Grogu were created inside of Substance Painter and imported back into Maya to be rendered in Arnold. Durán created a studio lighting rig to be able to work on the lookdev and fix the minor details. “Because,” he adds, “as you all know, the devil is in the details.”

“One of the challenges that this project brought was that it was my first time using Foundry's Nuke to do my compositin­g,” he explains. “The team at Cinelight Academy gave me all the tools and encouragem­ent to feel comfortabl­e while learning the new software. I am very grateful to them.”

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