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The Proart brand has been hugely successful for Asus, whose fantastic high-end (and pricey) colour-accurate 4K IPS screens are capable of image reproducti­on that equals or even surpasses other top-end vendors. Being an ultra-wide, the PA34VC is a bit different. It retains the Proart branding, it uses the same IPS panel technology and it still presents great image quality.

But it unfortunat­ely doesn’t offer quite what we were hoping for – the same industryle­ading colour accuracy and high brightness levels of the 4K Asus Proart screens (such as the brilliant PA329C) stretched into a 34-inch QHD (3,440 x 1,440) form factor.

That decision may have been due to cost. At £1,199 the PA34VC is already moving into the upper end of pricing for 21:9 displays, so the additional technologi­cal effort to raise the brightness and colour accuracy levels further would have made the cost skyrocket.

Instead of the 600 nits brightness on the PA329C, here you get more middle-ofthe-road levels of 320 nits. We measured an 800:1 contrast ratio and accuracy figures of 100% SRGB, 90% Adobergb and 94% DCI-P3 – which are indeed better results than we measured from VA panels.

But forget that, the PA34VC is a joy to use in all other respects. It’s extremely well built, the image quality is excellent and the features list is an improvemen­t over cheaper screens too. Dual Thunderbol­t USB-C connectivi­ty is a big plus, offering 40Gbps data transfers and Power Delivery for device charging and display chaining. The stand is flexible and there’s joystick control for navigating menus. Within those menus, there are a ton of ways to tune the picture quality, by saving user colour profiles, tweaking the colour temperatur­e and so on. There’s built-in support for third-party calibrator­s and a Picture-inpicture mode to view multiple display inputs at once.

It’s a great overall package, represents an excellent screen for profession­al use and will not disappoint artists. We remain hopeful that at some point Asus will have an allconquer­ing ultra-wide display that offers the outstandin­g image quality of its 4K screens. Indeed we’d love to see Asus sell a high-end ultra-wide with the same 1,200-nit brightness and mini-led backlight technology used on the £4,000 (approx) PA32UCX-PK. That would be a market first, but we’re not there yet.

 ??  ?? Although lacking in a few areas, the PA34VC remains an excellent choice
Although lacking in a few areas, the PA34VC remains an excellent choice
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