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COM­PAN­ION Brands re­cently brought out a range of strip lights that looked so im­pres­sive, we just had to get our mitts on one. And now that we’ve used them for the past few weeks, we are even more im­pressed with the prod­uct.

A rigid light kit is avail­able for car­a­vans, boats and ve­hi­cles, while three flex­i­ble strip light­ing kits – a one-me­tre strip light; a two-me­tre strip light; and a five-me­tre, multi-coloured strip light for those look­ing for a bit more raz­za­matazz – can be used around the camp­site. We opted for the twome­tre, sin­gle-coloured strip.

The two-me­tre-long strip light has 120 5050 sur­face-mounted-de­vice (SMD) LEDS. Each LED has a max­i­mum light out­put of 1580 Lu­mens, at a cur­rent draw of 2.4A at 12 volts. In lay­man’s terms: It’s a bloody bright white light.

A five-me­tre-long ca­ble con­nects the strip light to a 12-volt power out­let. Con­nect­ing the ca­ble to the strip light is a screw con­nec­tor, while at the other end a fused power plug can fit a cig­a­rette lighter socket or a merit socket. The kit also in­cludes four Vel­cro fix­ing straps.

The strip light and the ca­ble are rated at IP66 for weather proof­ing, which means they are dust­proof to the max­i­mum rated level and wa­ter­proof to with­stand a pow­er­ful wa­ter jet (rain won’t bother it).

What im­pressed us when we first saw the kit was the qual­ity of the strip light and how it was all put to­gether. We’ve used a few over the past cou­ple of years and have found some to be a bit flimsy where the ca­ble joins into the strip light. This unit shows none of that weak­ness and is as good a qual­ity as you will find in this genre of camp light­ing.

The strip light is easy to set up, even though the Vel­cro straps are fid­dly. An­other bonus is the ad­justable light out­put; we had the strip light turned down to its low­est out­put level most of the time, such is the light qual­ity. It packs away quickly into a small bag and we use it ev­ery time we set up camp for more than a day.

If any­thing, we should have spent the ex­tra cash and bought the mul­ticoloured ver­sion!

AVAIL­ABLE FROM: www.com­pan­ion leisure.com.au RRP: $79 WE SAY: Great light out­put; handy and ad­justable; well made.

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