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SOUTH African com­pany Eezi-awn has de­vel­oped a true ex­pe­di­tion strength, flat-deck roof rack that de­liv­ers su­pe­rior car­ry­ing ca­pac­ity, as well as low wind noise and min­i­mal drag.

From the mo­ment I slid the K9 Rak from its card­board pack­ag­ing, I was re­lieved at not hav­ing to bolt, pop-rivet or screw the whole rack to­gether. Yep, this com­plete flat rack is fully welded and coated in a matte-black fin­ish. All that’s re­quired is the fit­ting of the leg kit, which is ridicu­lously easy.

There are no plas­tic parts, ex­cept a fin­ish­ing cover on the cor­ners, which means the whole rack is a solid, light­weight unit.

While many racks set­tle for three pairs of feet (to con­nect the rack to the roof), the K9 shares the load via 10 sep­a­rate feet. Th­ese ex­tra feet en­sure no dam­age is done to the ve­hi­cle, and they also al­low for ver­ti­cal ad­just­ment of the flat deck. This al­lows the low-pro­file ex­tru­sions to be fit­ted snug with the roof line, which re­sults in lower drag, lower cen­tre of grav­ity and in­creased over­head clear­ance.

An op­tional ta­ble and ta­ble slide is mounted un­der the rack – a great stor­age solution that means valu­able space isn’t taken up in­side the ve­hi­cle or on top of the rack. In­stead, the stain­less-steel ta­ble slides in from the rear and locks into po­si­tion via a flip-up at­tach­ment, which has the op­tion to fit a pad­lock. I don’t get why some ta­bles are fit­ted to a ve­hi­cle – who wants to sit and eat star­ing at the side of a 4x4? The only down­side is

that the rack legs need to be set higher to ac­com­mo­date the ta­ble.

The axe, shovel and high-lift mount­ing kits are sim­i­larly spot-on. Be­ing able to carry th­ese oft-used tools with­out them tak­ing up valu­able space is ideal, and I can see th­ese three tools tak­ing up res­i­dence on the rack per­ma­nently given they can all be pad­locked into po­si­tion. The K9 kit also keeps dust out of your high-lift jack, as it comes com­plete with a pro­tec­tive bag – top marks again!

The dual jerry-can holder and spare wheel mount can quickly be at­tached to the slots within the slats. Ob­vi­ously we wouldn’t be car­ry­ing th­ese two op­tions all the time, but they are quick and easy to in­stall – just keep an eye on their weight and distri­bu­tion.

It seems ev­ery­one has a side awning fit­ted to their rig th­ese days, and the K9 makes it very easy to add one to ei­ther side of the rack via a sim­ple bolt-on at­tach­ment. And, not that I have an Eezi-awn rooftop tent (or other fold-in­half-style tent), but there is also a tent mount­ing kit that eas­ily slots into the top slats.

All up, the K9 is the most ver­sa­tile, prac­ti­cal and rugged rack I’ve ever seen or used. It’s not noisy (other than a slight thrum of the ta­ble over rough roads) and it’s easy to tie down gear or slot ac­ces­sories into the track sys­tem.

It’s hard to pick a fault with the K9 and I’d give it a 99/100 score.

The Eezi-awn K9 Rak is suit­able for a wide range of ve­hi­cles and is sup­ported within Aus­tralia by Dolium. For more details and pric­ing (size-de­pen­dent), visit www.dolium.com.au.

AVAIL­ABLE FROM: www.dolium.com.au RRP: From $880 WE SAY: Ver­sa­tile; prac­ti­cal; rugged.

Axe holder al­lows quick and easy ac­cess to an oft-used tool.

Spare wheel mount and dual jerry-can hold­ers are in­valu­able ex­tras.

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