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IT SEEMS my quest to get my old Middy back on the tracks in 2018 has opened a gi­ant can of worms. Ev­ery time the me­chan­ics at Ter­rain Tamer pulled a com­po­nent apart they found it worn be­yond re­pair or some­thing else that re­quired at­ten­tion. More than 400,000km of use will do that to a ve­hi­cle, and even things I thought ‘felt okay’ showed signs of wear and tear.

Some­time in the life of this 1985 BJ73 Cruiser, a pre­vi­ous owner has swapped out the stan­dard nat­u­rally as­pi­rated 3B diesel en­gine for a fac­tory tur­bocharged 13B-t as was fit­ted to the BJ74 Cruiser. While the odome­ter shows more than 400,000km on the clock, it is un­known how many kays are on the en­gine or if the gear­box was also swapped out at some point.

Aside from its char­ac­ter­is­tic rat­tling noise and vi­bra­tion, the di­rect in­jec­tion 13B-t en­gine goes well and the oil leaks from the rear main seemed to be the only ma­jor prob­lem with it. Ter­rain Tamer’s Shadin King pulled the gear­box out to ac­cess the rear of the en­gine and re­place the seal, which re­vealed the seal had been leak­ing ex­ten­sively and the heavy-duty clutch fit­ted by a pre­vi­ous owner was shot be­cause the clutch plate was oil-soaked. The clutch joined the grow­ing pile of parts that were headed for the trash, and a new re­place­ment was sourced from Ter­rain Tamer’s ex­ten­sive ware­house.

Al­lan Gray took a look at the gear­box and trans­fer case as there were oil leaks there too, and he was im­pressed to find one of Ter­rain Tamer’s mod­i­fied gears had al­ready been fit­ted. This part is in­dica­tive of what Ter­rain Tamer does:

it looked at the OE part (and where they are known to fail) and then had a re-en­gi­neered part made to solve the prob­lem and built to OE or bet­ter qual­ity. For these gears and many other parts, they are made in Ja­pan in fac­to­ries that make the OE parts.

In­spec­tion of the gear­box’s in­put shaft also showed wear there, so the job was passed over to ‘Gear­box Dave’ to give it a full over­haul. Dave does these full­time, strip­ping them down, di­ag­nos­ing the faults and re­assem­bling them with new and im­proved com­po­nents. It’s not just old Cruiser boxes, ei­ther, as there are al­ways V8 70 Se­ries boxes in the shop and those from other 4x4 makes and mod­els.

Even though I thought the old fivespeed shifted fine, Dave found a num­ber of com­po­nents that showed wear and re­placed them with Ter­rain Tamer parts as needed. With new seals through­out, the leaks will be gone and, com­bined with the new Ter­rain Tamer clutch, it should now shift bet­ter than a new one.

The steer­ing box was an­other source of oil that had the Cruiser leak­ing like an old Land Rover – I was al­ways top­ping it up when­ever the power steer­ing pump started screech­ing, so it needed a fix. Shadin stripped the pump and re­vealed that the sur­face on which the of­fend­ing oil seal ran was badly worn and pit­ted, ren­der­ing the box un­ser­vice­able. There are no new re­place­ments for these avail­able, so a sec­ond-hand box in bet­ter con­di­tion than mine was found and re­con­di­tioned be­fore be­ing fit­ted to the chas­sis.

With new clutch master and slave cylin­ders, the new Ter­rain Tamer clutch, and the re­built gear­box, the driv­e­line should be top notch now. The re­con­di­tioned steer­ing box, along with fresh­ened-up swivel hubs in­clud­ing new wheel bear­ings and stub axles, will have the front end feel­ing sch­mick, too.

by gear­box Re­con­di­tioned head ready to Tamer one is Ter­rain The BJ’S cus­tomer. grey. to a Tamer Ter­rain now also the leaky rear main... that the re­vealed it ... and been seal had rear main ru­in­ing ex­ten­sively, leak­ing plate. clutch the the left, and on...

Warn in­put (above) prompted a pull-down to re­veal more worn in­ter­nals (be­low).

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