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THE light­ing mar­ket is flooded with cheap gear slathered with mar­ket­ing jar­gon. It makes it hard to de­ci­pher if some­thing is at the front of the field or if it’s just an­other dodgy prod­uct in a shiny box. One thing that’s hard to fake is ‘Made in Aus­tralia’. It’s this tag on the box of the Ul­tra Vi­sion Ni­tro 140 Maxx (140W) that im­me­di­ately told me they’re not only go­ing to be built well, but have se­ri­ous R&D put into mak­ing sure they work ef­fec­tively.

Wiring up the LED driv­ing lights was a sim­ple af­fair. When bought in a pair, Ul­tra Vi­sion in­cludes a full wiring har­ness with ev­ery­thing you need to get the lights up and run­ning. There’s plenty of length on all the ca­bling, as well as qual­ity in­su­la­tion, con­duits and even Deutsch con­nec­tors on ev­ery plug. From start to fin­ish it took me less than an hour to get them on and run­ning, and most of that time was spent fig­ur­ing out the high-beam switch­ing. There’s no H4 adap­tor so you’ll need to do a lit­tle think­ing, but it’s rel­a­tively ba­sic stuff.

That same at­ten­tion to de­tail has ex­tended through to the con­struc­tion of the lights them­selves. Ul­tra Vi­sion has made them as shal­low as pos­si­ble to al­low eas­ier fit­ment in­side bull­bars. How­ever, the over­all di­am­e­ter is still a typ­i­cal 230mm. They come stan­dard with poly­car­bon­ate lenses to pro­tect against stone chips and way­ward rocks, while the 4mm-thick stain­less-steel brack­ets lock the lights off rock steady. We no­ticed some bounce in the lights along cor­ru­ga­tions, but we were able to track it down to the fac­tory nudge bar and not the lights them­selves. The brack­ets also in­clude mul­ti­ple mount­ing holes, so you can lock them off with a few ex­tra bolts if you have any is­sues.

There are 19 in­di­vid­ual LEDS fit­ted in each light, suck­ing a max­i­mum of 8.8amp in cur­rent draw, and the re­sult is sim­ply as­ton­ish­ing. We ticked the box for the “Widr” pat­tern, which pushes out 10,600 ef­fec­tive Lu­mens per lamp, with a reach of 1 Lux at 1000m (“Combo” pat­tern pushes this to 1 Lux at 1200m) but greatly in­creases us­able light in the sub-100m reach. There are no no­tice­able hotspots, with an even and us­able light un­til the light grad­u­ally fades off at the 1000m mark. At 100km/h it’ll give you 37 sec­onds to spot an­i­mals ahead, so it’s more than enough for just about any sit­u­a­tion.

At $695 a piece these lights are no doubt pricier than en­try-level items, but they are toe-to-toe with the big­gest names in the in­dus­try in terms of per­for­mance. The outer ring can also be cus­tom colour-matched to your 4x4 for those ex­tra style points.

AVAIL­ABLE FROM: www.ul­tra-vi­ RRP: $695 each WE SAY: Top qual­ity, com­fort­able light temp, sturdy con­struc­tion. RATED

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