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THESE hal­lowed pages are no stranger to the oc­ca­sional snow­ball. Hell, we’ve been per­son­ally re­spon­si­ble for more than a few over the years our­selves. They start out as a rea­son­ably se­date project, some­thing de­signed for camp­ing trips, light wheel­ing and maybe yank­ing the oc­ca­sional trailer around… un­til it all gets out of hand. If most of our builds are snow­balls, Ant’s killer Pa­trol is an avalanche. What started out as a mild­man­nered farm truck is now pack­ing a 450 per cent torque in­crease, sports car-trump­ing speeds and off-road abil­ity that’d ri­val any­thing this side of a moun­tain goat.

If Ant’s bearded mug looks fa­mil­iar there’s a good rea­son. One of his 4x4s graced the

Jan­uary 2018 cover: a Du­ra­max-pow­ered PX Ranger – yeah, you read that right. This time he’s brought out the big guns, his ’01 GU coil­cab pound­ing out a mind-melt­ing 2000Nm and 836rwhp thanks to yet an­other 6.6L V8 Du­ra­max swap; although, this one’s tuned to within an inch of its life. In stock form the bent-eight will put to shame any­thing of­fered within the Aus­tralian mar­ket. How­ever, what does it take to make it punch out more than dou­ble the power and torque?

First things first, you rip it down to a bare block. The stock pis­tons and con rods were binned. In their place are forged rods from Car­illo, which are topped off with ce­ram­ic­coated pis­tons from Mahle Mo­tor­sports de­signed to han­dle 1000hp. From here an ATI bal­ancer was fit­ted at one end, with a Wa­gler

bil­let flex­plate at the other. An ag­gres­sive camshaft was slot­ted be­tween the two banks of pis­tons; although, with an al­tered fir­ing or­der it’s de­signed to im­prove longevity, not just punch out more power. The stock heads were also shelved, and atop the Du­ra­max are a set of Cnc-ported of­fer­ings from Socal Diesel stuffed full of over­sized valves. Fi­nally, a 12mm in­jec­tion pump was strapped to the oiler, with 150 per cent over­sized in­jec­tors sat­is­fy­ing the pow­er­house’s in­sa­tiable thirst for diesel.

The turbo was up­graded to a bil­let 72mm VGT of­fer­ing, breath­ing deep through the five-inch snorkel and air­box fabbed-up in-house at Oz­max Con­ver­sions, with an Oz­max front-mount in­ter­cooler be­tween the turbo and in­take.

The whole af­fair is reigned in with a DSP5 tuner, al­low­ing Ant to se­lect any­thing from a mild tune right through to the balls-tothe-wall power tune – “I lined up against a 600rwhp FPV F6 Ty­phoon and blew the doors off it,” he laughs.

With three times the torque of a 79 Cruiser flow­ing through the Pa­trol’s veins, a stan­dard trans­mis­sion would last about 30 sec­onds be­fore turn­ing it­self in­side out. Back­ing up the Du­ra­max is none other than the ven­er­a­ble six-speed Al­li­son trans­mis­sion. In typ­i­cal Ant fash­ion it’s had some­what of a tickle, and by some­what of a tickle we mean it’s a fully built item from Lim­it­less Diesel. It’s sport­ing ev­ery­thing from bil­let shafts through­out to a race-ready shift kit, clutch packs and bil­let bas­kets. From here, power feeds through to an Oz­max Con­ver­sions trans­fer case adap­tor into the stock Pa­trol trans­fer case. With the

trans­fer case sit­ting 50mm rear­wards to suit the en­gine, both front and rear drive­shafts needed to be cus­tom-built from heavy-wall chro­moly, to suit the new lengths.

Up front the fac­tory diff runs an Ea­ton Elocker wrapped around 4.11 cryo­geni­cally treated diff gears. Long­field 300M chro­moly axles and CV joints have been slot­ted in­side to send power to the front wheels. In the rear a locker sim­ply wasn’t an op­tion. “When you’re push­ing this much power a locker in the un­locked po­si­tion only sends power to one wheel, it just can’t han­dle the torque,” Ant told us. In­stead, he’s in­stalled the stronger H260 rear diff and then yanked it apart and shimmed the LSD. He’s also cryo-treated the axles and gears, too: “While I was get­ting the diff stuff cryo’d I did the gears and chain from the stock trans­fer case, too. It doesn’t need it, but why the hell not?”

To make the go­liath en­gine fit in the com­par­a­tively small Pa­trol, Ant knocked to­gether cus­tom mounts from front to back, then ex­ten­sively mas­saged the fire­wall to clear the dump pipe with­out run­ning a body lift. De­spite all that, Ant tells us that’s only half the bat­tle.

“Get­ting the en­gine in is the easy part,” he said. “The wiring, in­ter­cooler pip­ing, cool­ers and air­box all took far more work.”

With most of the Pa­trol’s weight over the front axle, Ant’s gone for an un­usual, al­beit suc­cess­ful, ap­proach to his sus­pen­sion. Up front are Fox 2.5 body re­mote res DSC shocks, with the rear cop­ping smaller-di­am­e­ter 2.0 re­mote res Fox, all from Down South Mo­tor­sports. “With the weight dif­fer­ence, the larger body shocks in the rear would have ac­tu­ally made it ride worse,” he told us. “As it is, it’s un­real. You can hit any­thing flat-out in it.”

Of course, it’s not all about shocks, ei­ther. Up front the diff is kept in place by a set of Oz­max long arms, at 350mm longer and with a Cruiser bush end they’re able to take full ad­van­tage of the big shocks and 3.5-inch­taller coils. The rear is run­ning 300mm longer low­ers from Down South Mo­tor­sport, with heavy-duty ad­justable up­pers help­ing

cor­rect pin­ion an­gle af­ter the two-inch King flexxy coils went in. PSR ad­justable Pan­hard rods front and rear keep it all cen­tred, with a match­ing tie rod and drag link up front.

Ant’s swapped out the stock front guards for a set of Kevlar re­place­ments that sit two inches wider, with an open­ing that’s also two inches wider. It pro­vides am­ple room for the 37 x 12.5-inch Goodyear Wran­gler MTRS to stuff up into at full ar­tic­u­la­tion. They’re able to run at in­sanely low pres­sures, too, thanks to 17 x 9-inch -30 Al­lied Rat­tler bead­locks at each cor­ner.

While the tube bar work front to back might look comp-ready, Ant’s built the tray with his furry friends in mind. A re­mov­able frame clips onto the tube frame work, which is then wrapped in a can­vas canopy to pro­vide shel­ter for the dogs and a dry spot to stuff a swag or two for camp­ing trips.

In­side, the mad­ness doesn’t stop. Ant’s opted for the base model DX for its rugged vinyl floor­ing and man­ual wind-up win­dows. He’s then pro­ceeded to deck it out head to toe in off-road good­ies. The pews have been re­placed with leather re­clin­ing Re­caro bucket seats, with an In­ter­volt dual-bat­tery sys­tem tucked in be­hind. Stor­age is taken care of by a Depart­ment of the In­te­rior roof con­sole with a Blue­tooth-en­abled XRS UHF from GME

sort­ing out comms. Ea­gle-eyed Pa­trol own­ers will no­tice the steer­ing wheel as not be­ing a typ­i­cal DX tiller, ei­ther. Ant swapped it for the wheel from an im­ported WC34 Nis­san Stagea. In the process he’s picked up steer­ing wheel gear se­lec­tors, which, when paired with the Al­li­son trans, let him row through the gears while hold­ing on for dear life.

De­spite be­ing es­sen­tially a road-reg­is­tered off-road racer, the big GU has pounded out the kays do­ing daily du­ties. A ca­pa­ble work­horse, re­li­able enough to head off on re­mote camp­ing trips, that’ll then run with a Lam­borgh­ini Aven­ta­dor? This might be the ul­ti­mate 4x4. Just don’t ask how much it cost.



The cus­tomised ex­te­rior of the util­i­tar­ian 2001 Pa­trol GU cab barely hints at its Ital­ian stal­lion per­for­mance from the mod­i­fied Du­ra­max V8 hid­den within.

A tight fit, but with some mod­i­fi­ca­tions the worked 6.6L Du­ra­max V8 slots into the GU’S en­gine bay... and that was the easy part. PO­TENCY PLUS

stand­ing tall Front diff is held in place with Oz­max long arms which, at 350mm longer, take full ad­van­tage of the big shocks and 3.5-inch-taller coils.

DX tiller was booted in favour of a WC34 Nis­san Stagea steerer.

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