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David Cameron re­gales read­ers with the story of Aus­tralian troops on the Western Front dur­ing The Great War (WWI). Cameron uses info gleaned from sol­diers’ let­ters and di­aries to re­veal how these brave men halted – and then pushed back – the Ger­man army’s ad­vance dur­ing March and April, 1918. Towns for­ever linked with the Aussie troops – Der­nan­court, Villers-bre­ton­neux and Haze­brouck – saw fierce ac­tion as the Dig­gers threw back the Ger­mans and saved the Chan­nel Ports, which even­tu­ally led to the col­lapse of the of­fen­sive. Cameron fur­ther ex­pands the story of the Aus­tralian troops’ in­volve­ment here, de­tail­ing their use as ‘shock troops’, while ex­plain­ing how these ac­tions af­fected (at a later date) the broader strate­gic aim of the Al­lied troops. Vol­ume 2 (still to be pub­lished) con­tin­ues this story, de­tail­ing the huge Bri­tish of­fen­sive of Au­gust 1918 and the key role played by Aus­tralian sol­diers. RRP: $35 Web­site: www.pen­

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