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OF­TEN known as an end­less-air set-up, en­gine-driven com­pres­sors aren’t new but are few and far be­tween in the 4x4 world. Much like a typ­i­cal com­pres­sor, they’re a pis­ton in­side a cylin­der; although, in­stead of a 12V mo­tor the size of a coke can turn­ing it, you’ve got a 200hp turbo-diesel donk. Mounted to the en­gine, then driven by a belt, the re­sult is an end­less sup­ply of com­pressed air. As long as the en­gine is turn­ing, the com­pres­sor can be too.

Home-brew op­tions aren’t un­usual and typ­i­cally use a mod­i­fied AC com­pres­sor. It’s a slightly janky method that’ll re­quire ex­ter­nal oil­ing (the AC fluid usu­ally does this job) and then an oil/air sep­a­ra­tor to not pump the tyres with oil. Af­ter­mar­ket op­tions with mount­ing kits of­fer sim­pler in­stal­la­tion and safer oil­ing meth­ods.

You need the en­gine run­ning; although, at 200+L/pm, any 12V com­pres­sor that could come close would need the en­gine, too. Fac­tor in a few in­ter­nal air-lines and you’ll have an on­board air sys­tem that’ll do just about any­thing you need it to.

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