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AS WE try to do with all the utes we test, we loaded 800kg into the tray of the Pik-up to see how it would cope with a heavy pay­load. Legally, the Pik-up can carry more than that – around 920kg, once you take into ac­count the weight of the bull­bar, tow­bar and have both a driver and pas­sen­ger aboard – but 800kg is the stan­dard load we use.

With the load placed di­rectly above the rear axle rather than up against the head­board, the Pik-up’s rear sus­pen­sion set­tled a mere 45mm, which is less than the best of the pop­u­lar dual-cabs we’ve pre­vi­ously tested; al­though, the load in a dual-cab would sit far­ther back. The Pik-up felt sta­ble and se­cure on the road, the rear sus­pen­sion didn’t bot­tom on big­ger bumps nor did the front top out. The most no­tice­able ef­fect of the 800kg was pos­i­tive due to the im­proved ride qual­ity. The en­gine per­formed bet­ter than ex­pected; it felt the ex­tra weight, but didn’t strug­gle and re­mained gen­er­ally ef­fort­less. Top marks all around.

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