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EVEN in the high-end seg­ment dif­fer­ent con­trol arms have been de­signed with dif­fer­ent uses in mind, so you’ll need to de­cide which prod­uct is right for you, not just for your In­sta­gram fol­low­ers.

ADR com­pli­ance and like-to-like fit­ment are the ob­vi­ous re­quire­ments across anyuse cases. It not only means it’ll be le­gal to run on your 4x4, but also that you won’t need to get the gas-axe out to fit them, ream­ing spin­dles to ac­cept dif­fer­ent pitch ball-joints or re­mak­ing sus­pen­sion mounts to get an ex­tra 5mm of wheel travel.

Arms like the Su­pe­rior En­gi­neer­ing arms run spher­i­cal joints at both ends. They give huge amounts of ad­justa­bil­ity at ev­ery point of con­tact and can help tighten steer­ing feel up by elim­i­nat­ing play from rub­ber bush­ings.

At the other end, Black­hawk con­trol arms are en­tirely sealed, with the cor­rect an­gles built into them to suit a cer­tain lift amount. They run im­proved fac­tory-style joints, al­low­ing for stronger com­po­nents and more ar­tic­u­la­tion than fac­tory of­fer­ings while still re­tain­ing the abil­ity to swap in a stock joint or bush if you need one at Wil­can­nia. Calof­froad arms fall some­where be­tween, with both ad­justable and fixed ad­just­ments de­pend­ing on the arm you choose.

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