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WHILE re­designed up­per con­trol arms are part of a larger sus­pen­sion sys­tem, they don’t typ­i­cally re­quire ad­di­tional mod­i­fi­ca­tions to work. “There’s no rea­son to run things like ball-joint spac­ers,” says Troy. “We ro­tate the ball-joint cup in the arm to max­imise down travel.”

Michael adds: “Ball-joint spac­ers or ex­tended ball-joints also place ad­di­tional loads on the weak fac­tory arms and can cause crack­ing.”

With af­ter­mar­ket con­trol arms com­ing into their own with any lifts over 40mm they’ll typ­i­cally be rec­om­mended in con­junc­tion with diff drops, but they’re sep­a­rate prod­ucts solv­ing sep­a­rate is­sues. The diff drop helps cor­rect CV an­gles, es­sen­tially adding strength to the front end. Con­trol arms up­grade the fac­tory’s weak arms and pro­vide more clear­ance and bet­ter han­dling. Two sides to the same coin.

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