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THE term mono-tube is a term that doesn’t ac­cu­rately de­scribe the dif­fer­ences be­tween twin-tube and mono­tube shocks, and what’s bet­ter for your needs. A shock ab­sorber works by push­ing a pis­ton with small holes in it through oil. The harder for the pis­ton to move through oil, the stiffer the shock.

Mono-tube shocks have a sec­ond pis­ton keep­ing pres­sure on the oil with high-pres­sure gas on the other side. That pis­ton keeps the oil pres­surised, stop­ping it from foam­ing and pass­ing through the pis­ton eas­ier (shock fade). The de­sign fits in­side one solid tube, so it loses heat quicker (per­fect for cor­ru­ga­tions) and gives you more damp­en­ing force for the thick­ness of the shock.

Tra­di­tional twin-tube shock ab­sorbers have an outer sleeve with low-pres­sure gas try­ing to con­trol the oil. They’re more prone to fade but con­sid­er­ably cheaper. With­out a sec­ond pis­ton in line they typ­i­cally have longer travel for the same over­all length; the out­side tube also gives a layer of pro­tec­tion from dents stop­ping the pis­ton work­ing.

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