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TJM has just re­leased the PACE, a dual-ad­justable 52mm-bore sin­gle-wall mono­tube shock absorber with re­mote reser­voir. The ‘dual ad­justable’ refers to the eight-stage com­pres­sion and re­bound ad­justa­bil­ity (ac­cessed via a hand-ad­justable dial on the shock and reser­voir). The re­mote reser­voir is con­nected via a steel-braided oil hose, and there’s a patented in­ter­nal hy­draulic bump-stop in­side the shock that as­sists in damp­en­ing the ef­fect of sud­den im­pact on the shock and pre­vents bot­tom­ing-out. It does this by pro­gres­sively in­creas­ing damp­ing re­sis­tance as loads in­crease on the shock. The shock shaft and seals are pro­tected by a stone guard and there’s also an ad­justable coilover spring seat (for ap­pli­ca­ble ve­hi­cles). The Aussie-en­gi­neered and de­signed PACE comes with a three-year/100,000km shocks and struts war­ranty. Avail­able at launch for LC76, 78 and 79, as well as Ford’s PX Ranger (2012 on­wards) and the Mazda BT-50 (2012 on­wards). Web­site:

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