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WHAT do those num­bers on a wheel mean? Well, us­ing 17 x 8.5 6/139 P7 as an ex­am­ple, the first num­ber is the wheel di­am­e­ter in inches (so 17 inches); the sec­ond num­ber in­di­cates the wheel width in inches (in this case, 8.5 inches). We’ve cov­ered the im­por­tance of a wheel’s di­am­e­ter, but the wheel’s width is im­por­tant be­cause the wider the wheel, the more hor­i­zon­tal grip will be pro­vided.

The next num­ber (6) in­di­cates the num­ber of wheel studs, fol­lowed by the Pitch Cir­cle Di­am­e­ter (139), which is the di­am­e­ter, in mil­lime­tres, of the cir­cle which passes through the cen­tre of all the studs, wheel bolts or wheel rim holes.

The next dig­its (P7) ex­plain the off­set of the wheel, from the hub mount­ing sur­face to the cen­tre of the wheel. Also mea­sured in mil­lime­tres, the wheel off­set re­sults in a pos­i­tive, neg­a­tive or zero off­set – in this case, pos­i­tive 7mm.

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