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BACK out on the outside and Longy’s given the Patrol an extensive visual makeover too. Up front is its go-to bumper with the slimline Evolution unit from Rhino 4x4 taking pride of place. It’s had a matching 12,000lb Rhino 4x4 winch shoehorned inside it. Up on the roof, a full-length roof rack from Trailmax provides bulk storage for family camping adventures as well as a home for integrated camp lighting along the flanks. There’s five Lazer Lamps LED driving lights mounted on the front of the rack, with a second pair down inside the grille. Longy’s capped the rack with his in-house Vogue Industries ladder that swings up with the rear tailgate.

While the spanners were out, Longy’s fitted a set of Vogue Industries custom headlights and tail-lights, all blacked out and colour-coded to suit the body. The final exterior mod is a full-colour change of sorts. Vogue Industries speciality is paint protection, so Longy’s ride has the best of the best. Overlaying the whole vehicle is a full black Paint Protection Film from V Designs. Like a vinyl wrap on steroids, the black coating protects against minor scratches and self-heals so always looks brand-new, and it’s topped with a full glass Pomponazzo coating as well.

On the inside, Longy’s balanced performanc­e, luxury and touring like only Vogue can. Giving the Y62’s dash a huge step into the 21st century is a full digital screen replacemen­t for the gauge cluster and an add-on module allowing the OEM head unit to run Apple Carplay seamlessly. It’s teamed up with a GME XRS unit and a full suite of gauges from Defi to monitor oil pressure, boost, exhaust temperatur­e and transmissi­on temps. A 110amp/h lithium battery keeps the 65L fridge running, while the on-board air set-up from ARB has plenty of grunt to air the 37-inch tyres back up. The lot is tracked by a Track Pro GPS tracking system.

The final piece to the puzzle was a luxury makeover inside, the full roof lining and pillars have been trimmed in black suede, while the seats and door trims are wrapped in custom leather trimming.

Going by his latest build it should be clear Longy busts his backside to build vehicles that stand out from the crowd, with no expense spared to make them perfect. The Y62 is just the latest of standout vehicles his shop is responsibl­e for and we’re just a little excited to see what’s next.

 ??  ?? Solid-state switch panels are a common sight to simplify wiring.
Solid-state switch panels are a common sight to simplify wiring.
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