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THE 300 Series Simon was kind enough to let me drive (it’s his actual daily driver) was mild in comparison, modificati­ons wise. It sports a Front Runner Rack with Lightforce LED light bar, a set of Falken Wildpeak tyres and upgraded suspension from Tough Dog. While both vehicles are carrying different amounts of weight, Simon was quick to point out the suspension had been tailored to suit the weight difference for each vehicle. As most vehicles are set up differentl­y, it’s critical to focus on spring rates and have plenty of options available to cover these varying loads. This is why we always say to add the weight to your fourwheel drive before fitting aftermarke­t suspension, so you can select the correct spring rate for your requiremen­ts.

It’s important to note this suspension kit in the 300 Series is a final stage production kit, but the colours are different on the items fitted to this actual vehicle. By the time this article is released, Tough Dog will have production kits on the shelf ready to go, which will be silver and not black.

With 50mm of lift in the front of the 300 Series, Simon commented a diff drop isn’t required, and while aftermarke­t upper control arms would be beneficial, they aren’t absolutely required. This lift height will work well with factory components and has been engineered to operate within factory alignment parameters for tyre longevity and overall excellent ride and handling.

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