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It’s an exciting time to own a 300 Series Landcruise­r, with so many quality offerings rolling out from the aftermarke­t industry. TJM has just released a wide range of accessorie­s to suit the 300 Series platform, including these stoutlooki­ng underbody protection guards. TJM has developed steel plates to protect the transfer case, transmissi­on, sump and frontal area, all of which are available to purchase separately or together as a complete kit. Underbody protection is critical for modern four-wheel drives, as there are so many complex components to protect – just one hit on a rock or tree stump and these TJM underbody protection guards will have well and truly paid for themselves.

RRP: Front Guard $340, Sump Guard $340, Transmissi­on Guard $310, Transfer Case Guard $250

WEBSITE: www.tjm.com.au

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