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The 1GR-FE engine found in a variety of Toyota four-wheel drives such as Hilux, Prado and FJ Cruiser, is developing a bit of a cult status for its reliabilit­y and potential for big increases in power. As such, Harrop offers a complete bolt-on supercharg­er kit to suit this engine, and in this specific instance the FJ Cruiser. By installing the Harrop supercharg­er kit to an FJ Cruiser, you can expect power figures to increase by approximat­ely 35 per cent, running 7psi of boost. As part of the kit, the supercharg­er manifold features an integrated high-density intercoole­r as part of a water-to-air intercoole­r system with 27mm thick frontmount­ed heat exchanger. Best of all, factory ancillarie­s such as air-conditioni­ng, power steering and viscous engine fans are all retained.

RRP: $10,990 (sans installati­on)

WEBSITE: www.harrop.com.au

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