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THERE is plenty of informatio­n moulded on the sidewall of a tyre. Here is what it means in the case of an LT285/70R17 tyre. For example: ‘LT’ stands for Light Truck; ‘285’ for tyre width in millimetre­s; ‘70’ for sidewall height as a percentage of tyre width; ‘R’ for radial; and ‘17’ for rim diameter. Note that not all tyres marketed for off-road use have a Light Truck constructi­on. It might look like a tough all-terrain or mud-terrain tyre, but if the sidewall marking says 285/70R17 without the ‘LT’ in front of it, the tyre is most likely a Passenger (P) rated tyre, with a light constructi­on that will be more susceptibl­e to damage when driving in rocky terrain.

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