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SCORE: 46/60


THE Nemo Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair is just that ... luxury. Carrying a price of $290, it is the most expensive on test but also proved to be the highest scoring of all full-sized chairs.

However, the Stargaze isn’t lightweigh­t and weighs a hefty 3.9kg with packed dimensions of 60cm H x 17cm W x 17cm D. As such, the Nemo is predominan­tly a car camping and picnicking chair that is unlikely to ever be stowed in your pack for a lengthy hike to a remote beach.

The Stargaze features oversized aircraft-grade aluminium poles with colour-coded joints and markers for ease of set up. Importantl­y, the design allows the frame to be set up independen­t of the non-absorbent monofilame­nt-mesh chair body. Once the frame is assembled, the unfolding of two rear support poles establishe­s chair rigidity and the chair-unit clips easily to the frame with climbing-grade hardware. The result is a spacious 112cm H x 92cm W x 68cm D auto-reclining hammock-like structure, designed to flex while you swing. Oversized rubber feet ensure it doesn’t sink in to the ground, and it features such niceties as an easily accessible accessory pocket, cupholder (that fits a full-sized water bottle), padded armrest and an adjustable, padded pillow.

We just love the Stargazer. It is simple to use, easy to set up and stash, and super comfortabl­e. We did have a few small gripes: one being its tendency to pitch forward as soon as you unweight your feet; secondly, the difficulty squeezing it back in the bag; and thirdly, the hefty price tag. At nearly five times the cost of the Risepro and three times that of the Mountain Designs, many will likely find it hard to justify such an expense for a camp chair. There is no doubt those willing to spend the dollars will not be disappoint­ed, though. RRP $290

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