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SCORE: 48/60


THE Nemo Moonlite Reclining Chair was the odd one of the test, but unexpected­ly scored highest of all chairs.

The Moonlite is a super-light, supercompa­ct low-back chair. Weighing in at a feather-light 950 grams, it packs down to a 35cm H x 10cm W x 10cm D size. It was the only sub-1kg chair on test, and sits in a category alongside others like the 510-gram Helinox Chair Zero (RRP $179) or the 860-gram Mountain Designs Lightweigh­t Chair (RRP $69). Realistica­lly, these are more hiking chairs rather than car camping chairs, but if you prefer a Suzuki Jimny to a 300 Series, then maybe the Moonlite is for you.

What blew our mind was the comfort. As a low-back, compact chair we expected a severe compromise on comfort, but it rivalled some of the highback chairs, and even exceeded some with a reclining feature that does work.

The frame set-up is a similar pole design to many others, but the 65cm H x 51cm W x 52cm D mesh-seat locks to the frame via ball and socket joints rather than fabric sleeves. Recycled materials are used for the webbing, and triple stitching attains strength for a 136kg maximum capacity.

As a super-compact chair, there are no pockets or drink holders, and the seatheight sits at 27cm off the ground, much lower than the high-backs on test. As such, the Moonlite has minimal use as a dining chair at a table but will work fine by the fireplace or sitting in the sun. It scores best for packabilit­y, design and quality, but achieves its light weight by compromisi­ng on features and is not a chair for those on a tight budget. RRP $189

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