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FOR less than 50 grand you could buy a top-ofthe-range Ti GQ Patrol, and that was the major test for this issue of the mag. While the front cover had a Ford Raider on it, that vehicle never really made a mark – here or anywhere!

We had a good look at what was available as far as tyres for four-wheel drivers were concerned, and it took up quite a few pages – as it always does.

To see how the market has increased and changed since those days, the Toyota Hilux sold, for the first five months of the year, a total of 3100 units. They sell more than that in a month now, with the Ford Ranger either outselling the Tojo or just behind it in the sales race!

As per normal we had some great travel stories from all over Australia, none better than that by the late Willie Kempen who got special permission to travel through the rugged and remote Bradshaw Station. You wouldn’t be able to do that these days as it’s a military training area!

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