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SCOTTY Daniels was on the south coast of NSW near Ulladulla in his fairly stock EX-SES Troopy – BFG all-terrains on splitties, a bullbar and a PTO winch – when he pointed his Landcruise­r toward a baby bog hole he’d driven through many times previously.

“What was meant to be a fun, short detour on the way back to camp ended up taking something like 1.5 to two hours,” Scotty told 4X4 Australia. “After an hour digging and a stripped gear on the PTO winch, I had to call my mate to come and help.

“My mate found some road works and brought chunks of the cut-up asphalt, and we built up the ground under the tyres until there was enough solid ground to give me some traction.”

Once ready to be snatched to freedom, an unlikely vehicle was tasked with the rescue operation.

“He used a Vitara,” Scotty said. “He has never let me live it down that his little Vitara managed to snatch-out the Cruiser – for 10 years, every time we talk 4Wding, out comes the ‘remember the time when the Suzuki …’

“We missed lunch with the rest of our crew and they all cheered when we finally arrived,” Scotty added.

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