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PRITIKA’S early years with her Yamaha YZ80 weren’t short-lived: they were merely the beginning. “When I finished engineerin­g, I started racing a 125 GP bike, and we had to play with the suspension to get it set up, especially for my weight and my size cause I’m not super tall and at that stage I was quite light – so there was quite a bit of tuning, and I had some fantastic help from experience­d racers that helped me along the way,” she says. “The engine was fascinatin­g, and it was so simple. You’re talking about a single-cylinder; what I loved was working on getting as much performanc­e as you could out of it. The reason I like engines is that I like engineerin­g, but I also like going fast, so it’s a natural combinatio­n if you like – that speed and mechanics.”

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