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HANDS down, the 300 Series drives better than the 200 Series. Simon from Tough Dog, who drives these vehicles daily, went so far to say the 300 Series is a better vehicle overall. The internet went wild when the 300 was launched, saying it was just a revision of the 200 Series with a smaller capacity engine, but when you get the chance to spend time with someone responsibl­e for developing products for these vehicles, there are many more changes than first meet the eye.

The 300 Series is more comfortabl­e, the dash and interior more modern (funny that) and the power produced from the 3.3L V6 matched to the 10-speed auto easily pulls away from the 200 Series under accelerati­on testing. That’s not to say the 200 Series isn’t a brilliant vehicle, but everybody wanted to climb back in to the 300 Series ... and that’s saying something.

I am really excited to see the platform develop, as knowledge and aftermarke­t accessorie­s expand. As Simon said to me on the day, we really are lucky in this country to receive such vehicles, as it allows for the Australian four-wheel drive industry to not only grow, but thrive.

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