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1 Always let someone know your destinatio­ns and expected time of return when heading bush.

2 Always remember to carry plenty of food and water.

3 Carry radiator hoses; fan belts; bearings; shock-absorber bushes; bolts, nuts and tools; two spare tyres; tyre pump; tyre-repair kit; spare jack; and spare fuel.

4 Also have a survival kit; compass; communicat­ion; GPS; PLB; signal mirror; and first-aid kit.

5 If lost or broken down, remain with the vehicle, put up shelter from the elements if you have a fly, and ensure water and food are stored in a cool place such as beneath the vehicle.

6 Don’t exert yourself in the heat of the day and remain in the shade.

7 Beware of snakes, spiders, scorpions and crocodiles near water in the tropics.

8 Remain calm and, above all, do not panic.

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