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This is the new range of throttle controller­s from Ultimate 9, called the evcx Throttle Controller. It incorporat­es many more features compared to the original and muchloved Ultimate 9 throttle controller. There are now eight different driving modes, with 32 levels of adjustment. Lock mode is now included, which offers additional security against potential theft. The unit itself features a larger OLED display and a self-dimming feature, which is great to see. You can now control the evcx throttle controller with the actual unit or on your smartphone via an app, and if you look closely, now has a Launch Mode function which could be a bit of fun in the right vehicle. The evcx is available for a wide range of makes and models, check out the website listed below to see if there’s a throttle controller for your 4WD.

RRP: $349

WEBSITE: www.ultimate9.co/au

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